About Evie

Relaxed  -  Genuine  -  Meaningful..... 


and let's keep shit real!.   


Weddings.....  most people know them as the boring bit everyone including yourselves has to sit through before the party (and bar tab) start!    


Not anymore.!!!!   

After all - you're here because you want to get married.  You want to do it in style - You want it to be real - You want you and your guests to walk away thinking "that was awesome!"  You want to have fun and you don't want the fluff.....  

Chances are...... You're a down to earth couple.  You like some aspects of tradition....  But you like to do things your way and for your own reasons.  And if this is you, then, then it sounds like you are my people.  


I like to make your ceremony the least stressful part of your day.  I love it when couples keep a touch of tradition and when they say to me they want a bit of lighthearted fun.  I'm not some whacky out there celebrant here to steal your thunder or scare away your guests. I do love the unique and different.  More importantly - it's the "why" behind it.  Helicopters, Mountain Tops, Haka's, spontaneous sing-alongs, dogs as ring bearers.   Whatever you include in your ceremony, the one thing to remember is that you keep it real to who YOU are.


I'm super passionate about marriage equality, As part of the LGBTIQA+ community, I get you.  I bring a full heart to every couple I marry - let me marry you!


I'd love to hear from you.  I'll gladly meet you for a coffee (by coffee I generally mean Champagne, Wine, Cider or Beer - I'm actually not that fussy!) and have an obligation and cost free intro meeting.

And as always - Happy wedding planning!!  

Evie xx

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"Creating the moments of today that will stay in your heart forever"

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