Why, as a Celebrant, I don't believe in "Commitment Ceremonies"

When I became a Celebrant, some people saw the irony like I did. After much study, paying out a substantial sum of money to the Attorney General's department, passing their tests and waiting to be approved, I could finally marry people. For that process one is judged on whether or not one is a "fit and proper person"..... I knew I was. After all, the same process was used many many years ago when I became a Commissioner for Declarations. And now, again, I passed. Deemed responsible and professional and trustworthy enough to carry out work on behalf of the Australian legal system. And yet, in this same country, the country I was born, I'm not even entitled to marry my partner, the parent and other mother of my child. How is that possible? Now you see the irony too eh?

So when it came time to create my website, I did all the usual things. I listed Weddings, Commitment Ceremonies, Naming Days etc etc.... Even just a couple of days ago, I ordered new promo flyers with the same content. But it annoyed me. The words Commitment Ceremony really annoy me. Right now we advocate for marriage equality, not gay marriage, just marriage equality. But we also continue to talk in the same old language as if it is never going to change.

In all essence, I just don't believe in the words "Commitment Ceremony" being a suitable substitute for a wedding. So i've dropped the term "Commitment Ceremonies" from my website and my face book page. For now, I will use the term Same Sex Weddings, purely to make it easier for couples to find, until one day, it will simply say "Weddings" . An all encompassing and inclusive Wedding or Marriage, just as it should be.

And when marriage equality laws do eventually change in Australia, if I have already officiated a same sex wedding for you, then I will also conduct your legal ceremony, and process your marriage paperwork for you, at no additional cost. So many people say they support marriage equality, but I'd rather show my support through action in making a difference to those that these laws have affected.

I am passionate about creating awesome weddings, they should be fun, sincere and a reflection of you. I especially love a good intimate wedding. You know the one, it includes an awesome couple who just love each other and want to be married, have a bit of fun, and dance the night away at one heck of a good party.

Every couple should be entitled to that!

Evie xx

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