The Evermore Pledge.... Whats the deal?

The deal is...... two people are in love... two people want to or already have a family of their own... or two people simply want to get married.... but for some 'two people' they can't. Because Australia does not have marriage equality. It's not gay marriage. It's simply marriage equality.

The Evermore Pledge is the brain child of a pretty awesome celebrant and her network of equally awesome people. And despite what people think, it's not 'just for the gays'.

The evermore pledge is the tough conversation every couple should have before marriage. It's the financial implications. The implications in death. The implications in divorce. It's the nitty gritty that gives all couples, straight or same-sex, most of the legal rights that marriage brings. It's the lawyers, and hours or their work. It's wills, It's Power of Attorney and a financially binding agreement. It's the security and safety that provides for those who do not have the option of a legal marriage in Australia, or simply, don't want it.

I've been asked a few times about it. How I feel about it. Comments like, "But we shouldn't have to settle for something that's not equal in the eyes of the law". And those people are right. The Evermore Pledge is not marriage equality. And it's never claimed to be. But what it is, is the legal solution for a lot of people, who do not have the luxury of waiting for marriage equality like a lot of us think we do.

Some couples are fortunate that their families support and love them. Others are not that lucky. Or in cases where the family has two dads, whereby the father who is genetically connected passes away, the other father may lose all legal rights to his children. Or the couples where one is ill, and the other risks having no legal rights over the funeral arrangements or estate once they have passed. The Evermore Pledge addresses those things. And for hetro couples who simply don't believe in marriage, but want to ensure the other has the legal rights that marriage would afford them, then this is also for them.

So what do I think???? I think it's both amazing and sad. Amazing that individuals will spend so much of their own time, money and effort to create something that benefits so many other people, that they are subject to such hatred, complaints to the attorney general's department, and public defamation, and yet still persevere to make lives of people they don't even know better and more secure, while at the same time, they choose to give back to charity with their profits. And yet, I also feel that is sad that it is needed and that marriage equality has not yet happened in Australia. And it's sad that for a lot of people, it's the 'next best thing' to be able to secure their family's future.

So when the first Evermore Pledge creates history this Saturday, I'll be cheering from the sidelines for all that it stands for. And while it's roll out across Australia is still being planned, couples who wish to, can contact the fabulous Michelle Anderson at

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