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Naming Ceremonies

Many families are now opting to not hold formal christenings for their children through the church, but still want to officially welcome the child into their family.  Naming Ceremonies are also increasingly popular for children not born into a family, for example, an adopted child, or a step child, and can be a significant and grounding event for an older child being welcomed into a new family.


It is also a beautiful way to declare the significance of other family members in a childs life.  I can help create a loving ceremony to celebrate your child. 


My Naming Ceremony fee includes;


  • Free, no obligation initial meeting

  • Personalised ceremony

  • Unlimited phone, email and skype contact

  • PA System

  • Keepsake copy of ceremony

  • Naming Day Certificate for Child (and Godparents on request)

Re-Naming Days

You may associate Naming Ceremonies with babies or small children.  They're held as an alternative to a religious ceremony, welcoming the child into their extended family and celebrating their chosen name, but what a wonderful way to celebrate people of any age wanting to present themselves to their family and social circle with a new name and a new identity.


It's a great way to celebrate with the people in your life and be formally introduced by your new chosen name and with your preferred pronouns. 

My Naming Ceremony fee includes;


  • Personalised ceremony

  • Travel within the Brisbane, Moreton Bay, Somerset, and Sunshine Coast Regions.  Travel fees may apply for ceremonies outside of these areas.

  • ​Unlimited phone, email, and skype contact

  • PA System

  • Naming Day Certificate for the individual

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